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Tips for completing a 365 Project, part 2 | Henderson Family Photography

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

I'm 2 months into my first 365 project, where I take one "good" photo a day with my camera. I've undertaken this project to 1. improve my photography skills and 2. focus on documenting my family more this year. I talked about the first 4 tips and takeaways that I've discovered in this POST, and now I'm sharing the remaining 4 that I've found so far. Here we go!

TIP & TAKEAWAY #5: Embrace artificial lighting.

I have honestly spent so many years trying to only photograph in natural light. I even internally cringe slightly when I'm taking pictures at night because artificial lighting is just not something that I prefer. However, for this project, I'm trying to embrace it. In fact, I'm trying to challenge myself to use it in a beautiful way. I've learned that to really become a great photographer, you need to know how to use all different kinds of light. Plus, with this being a daily project, I just know that there will be times when I miss getting my shot during the day and I will need to take it at night.

Now, I'm actually liking the variety that it's bringing to my growing collection of photos.

TIP & TAKEAWAY #6: Try something new.

If you're like me, you're often inspired by pictures on Instagram. Photos taken using prisms as a tool. Moody shots emphasizing deep shadows. Composition ideas like having a foreground, middle ground and background; making use of mirrors; or cleverly using leading lines.

A daily photo project gives you many opportunities to try something new.

There isn't the pressure of getting it perfect for social media or of pleasing anyone else, but yourself. We all have some creativity within us. Let it out. Take a unique approach. Try something new.

TIP & TAKEAWAY #7: Start earlier in the day.

On days when I can, like weekends, I like to get my daily shot out of the way earlier on in the day. 1. I won't have to worry about missing the day. 2. Sometimes I just don't like lugging around my heavy, sensitive and expensive camera for an entire outing, especially when most times, I'm still just bringing it to get that ONE shot. So, I usually prefer to get the shot done at home before we go out.

TIP & TAKEAWAY #8: Keep the end goal in mind.

One of my biggest motivators for this project is imagining the big, thick family photo album that I'll be sure to print up early next year, after I conclude this year's project.

I've printed family photo albums before, but I have never printed one filled only with pictures taken with my "real" camera. I have a Lightroom collection called "Project 365 2020", so that regardless of where the photo originates on my computer, the specific photos that I'm choosing for my project can all be found there. This serves two purposes: 1. seeing this growing collection weekly and how far I've come is extremely motivating and 2. it'll be easy to grab all of these photos to make that album right away when it's time to celebrate the end of this project. I can't wait!!

What have you learned from your 365 project? If you haven't started one, what is stopping you? Do you have any questions?

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