About Jennifer Hyman Photography

Hi! I'm Jenn! 


I am a Las Vegas lifestyle family photographer.

My approach to photography

I have always been drawn to the camera's ability to freeze and preserve a treasured moment, and how it then allows us to access that moment again so readily through a photograph, even years later. As a mother of two young children, I know that time passes faster than ever before as you watch your own child grow and change, month after month, year after year, right under your nose. They are not going to stay little, no matter how much we may wish. That is where the true value of photography comes in.


Memories fade, children grow, but

a photograph is forever.


Let's work together to create keepsakes to remember your family as you are now. Save your baby's toothless smiles. Save the way your children crinkle their eyes as they look at you and at each other. Save those yummy, chubby baby legs. Save the boundless joy and wonder that comes from simply being a child.


Save and then savor for generations to come.

My style of photography

I am all about capturing real connection and that little bit of magic that makes your family uniquely yours. Aside from a few classic shots where everyone is looking at the camera, the majority of the photos will be about your interactions, and you and your loved ones just being with each other, enjoying each other's company. Don't worry though - I will provide guidance and direction on where to stand and what to do. Likewise, I will give you prompts to make the shoot fun and help elicit genuine emotion. In each of my sessions, I look forward to finding and capturing the joy and love that is inherently present in every relationship and family. 

Some of my Favorite Things

  • Floral Patterns

  • Golden Hour Light

  • Funny romance novels

  • Nature hikes & adventures

  • Music by Rainbow Kitten Surprise, AJR & Glass Animals

  • Philadelphia Sushi

  • The Anthropologie home section

  • Schitt's Creek

  • Off the shoulder dresses

  • Arranging fruit plates

  • Mangos and peaches

  • Cheese

  • The beach

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Little random tidbits...

I knew what my daughter's name was going to be since I was in Grade 5!

Photos that radiate joy, beauty and love
Lifestyle family photography for Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada
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