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4 Benefits of an In Home Photoshoot for Las Vegas and Henderson Families

"There's no place like home." - Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

There's a reason why that line is so popular! While there are many pretty backdrops around the Las Vegas valley for photo shoots, there is only one place in the world that is completely unique and that your family can call your own. That's your home! Here are 4 major benefits to having your next photo shoot at home!

Reason #1: Doing a photoshoot at home is super convenient.

With an at home photo shoot, there is no need to pack ANYTHING.

I'm referring to diaper bags, snacks, extra clothes, makeup for touch ups, hairbrushes, blankets, and the list goes on. There's no need to drive anywhere. No need to secure parking either. No need to pay permit fees.

The session is less rushed because the timing is unrelated to the setting of the sun. It is also easier to take a play break, potty break or a snack break. If baby drools all over his onesie, outfit changes are no big deal in another room. It also means that you, Mama, can wear two outfits if you'd like! Plus, in home sessions are usually held during the mid-morning. You'll have the rest of your day free, and also no worries about rush hour or a late dinner time and bedtime.

Reason #2: Your family's home is the most meaningful location for a photo session.

Compared to any other location, taking photos at home is more meaningful, intimate, unique and special.

Your home holds so many memories.

It's where the family snuggles happen. It's where the cute, little jammies live. It's where their art hangs. It's where your favourite things are displayed. It's where the goodnight kisses are given. It's where you read that one book to them over and over and over again. It's where your kids play, craft and learn. When we take pictures at home, it also means capturing the home itself, so that you can remember it forever, including all the favourite spots where those treasured moments happened.

Reason #3: Where you live is part of their childhood.

A child's bedroom is the one place in the world that is all theirs. Parents often pour their time, energy and love into creating these rooms and nurseries, and then kids make it uniquely theirs with their toys, art and interests. Your home is where your kids spend hours every week, laughing, playing and creating precious memories. The childhood home is a very special place and they will cherish these photographs of it when they're adults, living their own lives, creating their own households.

In home photo shoots can also be a great time to capture family traditions and special activities.

Maybe baking plays a huge part in your family time or you have regular board game nights. Let's preserve these moments so that you can always look back at them fondly. And if your kid is always playing with their doll house or train tracks or Lego, let's make sure you'll always remember it with photos.

Reason #4: It's where you and your family will be the most comfortable.

The truth is you and your kids will probably feel more relaxed in the comforts and familiarity of your own home. It's not a public place where we might have to worry about crowds and strangers, and waiting for them to move out of the picture.

If you have a newborn or a young baby, it can be easier and safer to shoot at home because you know what's at home and where everything is. There are no outside germs and no surprises. Similarly, with pets, you can incorporate them into photos without having to worry about leashes or them being in an open space.

Lastly, it probably goes without saying, but we don't have to worry about the weather at home!

No sweating in the hot, hot heat of Vegas or dealing with high, blustery winds.

That certainly sounds good to me!


The next time you're ready for updated family photos, consider doing it at home. It's convenient, comfortable, meaningful to your family and a significant part of your children's childhood. Let me show you what your love for your family looks like at home!

Jennifer Hyman is a lifestyle photographer serving laid-back, sentimental families in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Check out more of her work here: FAMILIES PORTFOLIO.


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