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Frequently Asked Questions |
Las Vegas Lifestyle Family Photography

What is involved in the booking process?

After you reach out, we will discuss potential dates and location types for the session. I will send you a Client Questionnaire shortly thereafter, so that I can get to know you and your loved ones a bit better in the short time that we have together.  This will allow me to know what you are looking for from the session, as well as get a better feel for your personalities. From this, I can gather ideas for things that we might be able to try during the shoot (in terms of poses, prompts, mood, etc.). Before the shoot takes place, a signed contract and non-refundable initial payment will be required to reserve a date.

Where will my session be held? 


Together we will decide on a location that fits your style and personality. You can first start thinking about what kind of look you want for your photos. Natural, green scenery? Desert landscape? Urban? Colorful? Park and playground? Neighborhood walk?


Living in the Las Vegas valley certainly limits us in the summer, considering how ridiculously hot it gets! Similarly, it can get quite chilly in the late fall and winter. For this reason, I love photographing in-home sessions all year round. All you need are 1 or 2 rooms with bright, natural light. Typically, this could be the living room, bedrooms, nursery and/or kitchen. These sessions work best if a few activities are planned. This can be a great time for me to capture your family being together and doing some of your favorite family activities (think baking, board games, Legos, reading, arts and crafts, etc.). Upon booking, I will send you a guide to help you get the most from your in home photo session.


How long will my session be? 


Your session will be about 1 hour long.


What will my session be like? 


While every session is a little bit different (because every family is unique!), here are some of the poses and shots that we may try: walking, standing, sitting, laying, individual child pictures, siblings, individual parent and child/children, parents alone and mom alone.


At all times, I will guide you into comfortable poses, so don't worry about not knowing what to do. 🙂 For the most part, I will want you to be looking at each other and looking away from the camera. When it comes to smiles, expect to hear some cheesy jokes and prompts from me, so bring a light-hearted attitude and plan to have fun!

What precautions are you taking with regards to Covid-19?


Thank you for thinking about this! I have a whole page about how I am keeping safety in mind. Find it here: Covid-19 Safety.


What if the weather is bad?


If it turns out that very high winds are expected, it is going to rain during the shoot, or other unsafe weather conditions are predicted, I will notify you in the morning on the day of the shoot and we will reschedule the session. One way to avoid bad weather? Consider an in home photoshoot!


What should we wear? 


The most important goal is for everyone to feel beautiful, comfortable and like their best selves! Upon booking, I will send out my Client Session Guide with tips for families to help you prepare for your shoot. 🙂 As a photographer, I can tell you if an outfit will photograph well at our chosen location and also provide suggestions about family coordination. Therefore, clients can ask for specific advice, as well as send me pictures of potential outfits for feedback. This is totally optional though, so I can help as much or as little as you'd like!


What should we bring?


Water, tissues, makeup for touch-ups, a blanket in neutral or complementary colours to your outfits, and comfortable shoes for travel between locations.


For your children, packed, dry, non-messy snacks and wipes are always a good idea to have on hand, just in case! Remember to bring extra diapers for babies and a pacifier, if typically used. Please bring an extra outfit, as well, if your children are under 3 years old.


Will you remove imperfections during editing?


Yes.  If it is temporary and will likely disappear in one to two weeks, I will try my best to retouch it, so don't worry about blemishes, bruises, scratches and cuts.  Please let me know if there are any visible scars that you would like me to try and edit out.


How long will it take to receive our photos?


Just as I am super excited to get my first look at your photos, I know that it is very exciting for you and your family to receive photos after a photoshoot!  I will do my best to delivery your gallery as soon as I can after I narrow down your photos, and carefully edit and retouch them. Although I'm usually quicker, turnaround time is up to 4 weeks. This accounts for me editing other sessions that took place before yours, as well as any personal delays that I may encounter.

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