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Getting Ready Timeline for Family Photo Shoots | Family Photographer Las Vegas

Hi Friend! Yayyy!! Well done! It's official! You've booked your Las Vegas or Henderson family photoshoot! The date and location are set. Now it's time to start the getting ready process! But where oh where, should you start? You have a general idea about the things that will need to be done, but what should be completed when? I created this getting ready timeline to help guide you along the process, step-by-step, to minimize and maybe even prevent any unnecessary stress. You know yourself and your family best, so please don't worry about any steps that don't apply to you.

As always, feel free to reach out at any point if you have questions, while getting ready! I'm here for you and cheering you on! Enjoy the process and remember that the most important thing in the end is the love and connection between you and your family members, so just enjoy each other's company during the session and have fun! That'll be the main focus in the photos! I can't wait to meet you and photograph your family!!


  • Read the Client Session Guide.

  • Reach out to your photographer anytime you have questions before the shoot.

  • Fill out the Client Questionnaire before the due date.

  • Start thinking about 3-4 colors for your family's wardrobe palette.

  • Go shopping, starting with your closet! If you shop online, prepare for any shipping delays and additional shipping time if you need a different size (or outfit).

  • Consult with your photographer about outfit ideas via email, phone or video chat.

  • Schedule hair, makeup and nail appointments, as desired.


  • Finalize outfits and ensure they fit everyone well. Shop for any remaining items needed.

  • Plan hairstyles.

  • Get a fresh haircut for those with short styles or if you were planning on one for the shoot.

  • Check the weather report for the session date. If there will be wind, adjust hairstyles accordingly. If there will be cold temperatures, bring extra layers, especially for kids.

  • Moisturize hands and lips everyday.

  • Plan something fun for the kids for after the photoshoot (e.g. small, wrapped gift, ice cream or dinner at their favorite restaurant).


  • Gather outfit pieces and hang them, including accessories.

  • Wash, iron or steam clothes.

  • Check shoes and clean, if needed, including the soles.

  • Look up driving directions for the photoshoot location & figure out what time you'll need to head out.

  • Try to avoid salty foods.


  • Make sure everyone gets a good night's sleep.

  • Pack your "Things to Bring" bag: water, tissues, mirror, makeup for touch-ups, oil-absorbing sheets, hairbrush and comfortable shoes for travel between locations. Optional: blanket with complementary colors to your outfits for sitting and lying down poses.

  • Pack mess-free snacks and wipes for the kids. Diapers for babies and pacifier, if needed. Spare outfits for little ones.

  • Clean your wedding ring.

  • Paint your nails.

  • Shave and take care of any grooming needed.

  • Check the weather forecast.


  • Remove tattoos, stamps and marker from kids.

  • If the photoshoot will be during your dinnertime, have everyone eat a snack before getting ready.

  • Start getting ready 30-60 minutes earlier than you think you'll need, especially if you'll need to get younger kids ready.

  • Use a lint roller for pet hair.


  • Take one last look in the mirror. Food in teeth?

  • Remove oil and shine with oil-absorbing sheets.

  • Look over kids. Check for boogers, snot, drool, food/crumbs on face.

  • Straighten necklaces, collars and headbands.

  • Address flyaways in hair.

  • Remove phones, masks and wallets from pockets.

That's it! It might seem like a long list, but if you think about it, they're mostly small and short tasks. I hope that this timeline clarifies and breaks down the getting ready process for you into doable chunks! If anything comes up, I'm always here to answer any questions!

If you haven't booked your Fall family photoshoot in Las Vegas yet, check out my homepage here to take a look at my portfolio and get started! Dates are quickly filling up and I don't want you to miss out on getting photos this year! I can't wait to hear from you about documenting your special memories!



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