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Pre-photoshoot Talk

Hi! I'm so excited to meet you and your family soon!! Here are a couple of points that I want to share with you beforehand. Feel free to share with your family! I'll go over these same things at the beginning of our session, so that everyone can hear, but here they are, so that you have a heads up. :)

We'll take a couple of photos where everyone is looking at the camera, BUT for the most part, please DON'T look at me. Look at someone in your family. :)

I want your photos to show love & connection, so stand/sit closer than usual and always be touching someone. Touch their shoulder, hold their hand, hug their arm, lean your head on them, put your arm around them, touch their hair/face, parents kiss your kid/partner, etc.

Whenever you're thinking, "Hey, what should I do with my hands?" ---> Touch someone.

Be in the moment and connect with your family. Play with your kids and have fun like you normally do! Fun = genuine smiles! The more you interact like usual, the more meaningful the photos will be. :)

Ladies, stand about 45 degrees to the camera. Bend the knee that's closer to me, or put one foot slightly in front or behind the other. If applicable, face your partner.

For strong jawlines, move your head forward (like a turtle) and then move your chin down. It might feel weird, but it'll look good on camera! You can practice in front of the mirror. If I say "chin out" or "chin out and down", this is what I mean. Here's a silly, exaggerated video showing the motion:

Lastly, remember that we're here to have fun and capture some memories, so adopt a lighthearted attitude and go with the flow!

See you soon!

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